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5 Ways to Make Your Invisalign Aligners Work Effectively

5 Ways to Make Your Invisalign Aligners Work Effectively

Invisalign clear aligners are a popular orthodontic treatment choice for people who feels awkward with the appearance of traditional metal braces. Invisalign aligners at Khan Orthodontics are custom-made using the latest dental aligner technology, for detailed teeth straightening over time.

As an orthodontic patient, however, you have a key role to play in how fast and effectively they will work. 

Here Are 5 Ways to Make Your Invisalign Aligners Work Effectively:

Wear Aligner Trays For 22 Hours Per Day

It can take a short while to get used to wearing clear aligners all day, but this is an important part of your whole treatment. You need to wear them for at least 20 to 22 hours every day or as instructed by your orthodontist. You can only remove your aligner trays only for eating and drinking or cleaning your teeth. Wearing the aligners full-time guarantees they start fitting better, which prevents the Invisalign treatment time from getting extended. Also, the more you wear your aligner trays, the more relaxed you will be with each new set.

Maintain Good Oral Health

It’s crucial to clean your teeth and mouth thoroughly during the orthodontic treatment since food residues can get trapped in the Invisalign trays or between your teeth. It can lead to the growth of bacteria and plaque, which puts you at risk of severe tooth decay. Brushing twice daily and flossing after every meal help dislodges any food particles stuck in your teeth. Consume plenty of fresh water and avoid eating while wearing your aligner trays.

Keep Your Aligner Trays Clean

Invisalign clear aligners are best for teeth straightening but should be cleaned properly every time you take them out. Here are a few ways to clean your aligners: Use the Invisalign aligner cleaning tool, which is a special crystal to remove plaque from your aligners. Also, You can clean your aligner trays with antibacterial soap and warm water. You can also use fluoride-based toothpaste to clean your aligner trays. Clear aligners can lose their transparency if they are not maintained properly, but if not, they will start to appear cloudy and can even develop an odor if food residues get stuck in them.

Use a Fluoride-Based Toothpaste

Whitening toothpaste is more useful during orthodontic treatment since the fluoride and whitening substance in the toothpaste do not get washed away by saliva and retain in place by the aligner trays.

Monitor Your Diet

Invisalign aligners affect your diet in many ways. Since you have only 2 hours for eating and cleaning your teeth, you will start to skip snacks. It means that you will have to eat a healthy diet to ensure you don’t feel weak because of the decrease in the amount of food intake. Remember to drink lots of water, since your mouth may salivate overly while wearing aligners which can make you feel a bit dehydrated.

Get Effective Invisalign Aligners At Khan Orthodontics

If you have a smile that needs some correction or restoration, without waiting anytime you should contact us. We are your orthodontics providing the best solution for a crooked smile. We have our dental office located in Jericho, Merrick, & Queens. If you reside in any of the communities, visit our nearest orthodontist today.


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Why Is Invisalign Great for Adults?


It is important to understand that your teeth alignment is essential for your oral health. Out of all the options, the one that makes Invisalign a perfect choice is that they are better than braces and are a safe option. In case you are involved in certain activities, then Invisalign is one of the best options that you can imagine. For example, if you are involved in certain activities, then it is important to understand that protecting your teeth is of utmost priority. Similarly, if you are involved in certain sports activities, chances are there you will get hurt, especially if you are wearing braces.

 Having small pieces of protruding metal in your mouth will cause a serious injury in your mouth. Automatically, you will end up being in a dental clinic and your doctor will take care of everything. An emergency dental problem is something that you don’t want to happen. Opting for an Invisalign will make sure that you are not facing any such problems.

A Smoother Smile

With braces, people often feel embarrassed while smiling during the treatment duration. However, with the Invisalign treatment, things turn out to be different. You must be knowing about the fact that Invisible trays are practically different. Adults and teenagers are associated with the braces during their teenage years. As soon as you decide to fix your smile, it is important to visit a dentist and get an Invisalign.

 A lot of people feel uncomfortable as well as inadequate during the middle of a presentation, business meeting, or any social interaction. With Invisalign in Jericho, NY, you can feel confident at all times. The best part is, that you no longer have to cover your mouth while laughing since you will feel free as well as confident.

You Can Eat Freely

Braces are quite susceptible to breaking, especially if you are eating hard things. Not only that but with braces, you will always find yourself in a sticky situation, especially if you eat chewy foods, which will get stuck in the metal piece. It is one of the common occurrences that people complain about wearing braces. But, if you are wearing an Invisalign in Merrick, NY, you won’t have to think about it.

 Even though you have to wear the Invisalign trays for 22 hours, you can easily take them off for eating. Hence, you don’t have to think about any damage happening to it. While wearing Invisalign in Maspeth, NY you can eat anything you want irrespective of the texture. Do not forget to brush and floss after eating and putting the trays back.

Convenient Option

As already mentioned, you can remove the aligners, which is always beneficial over the braces. While eating, brushing, or flossing, you can remove it and once you are done, you can put it back. The only thing that you have to keep in mind is to wear them for 22 hours to get the desired results. Another thing that you have to keep in mind is with Invisalign, you won’t have to give up on your favorite food.

Invisalign For Adults

Invisalign is one of the best options that you can opt for if you want to straighten your teeth. Contact us or schedule your appointment to visit us at our dental office located in Jericho, Maspeth, or Merrick.

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